TDA Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline Mesotherapy Gun F13

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TDA Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline Mesotherapy Gun F13

TDA Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline Mesotherapy Gun F13

Product Introduction

TDA needle free mesotherapy gun (mesogun) adopts advanced processing technology to make an innovation on the injector. Different from mesotherapy guns that use needles, we use a microchip with multiple pins to deliver nutrition and essentials, which can be reached to subcutaneous layer under high pressures from the pistol.

Main Features

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing.

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution

5) Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor ,which can directly inline with filling machine .


1. Face Lifting

2. Whitening Moisturizing

3. Skin Rejuveration

4. Vacuum Injection

5.Highly improve the forehead, temple, nose, eyes, mouth weeks light aging;

6. Prominent cheekbones relieved;

7. Plump cheeks;

8. Abundant lip;

9. Improve acne pit (atrophic scar);

10. Improve rough pore and neck lines, etc.


Needle free

No bleeding

No trauma

No downtime

Safe and effective



Input: 110~240V

Output: 70V

Power: 65W

Pins number: 25 pins


Maximum dosage inside the tube: 10ml

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