No Needle Meso Therapy F38

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No Needle Meso Therapy F38

No Needle Meso Therapy F38

no-needle meso electroporation machine

1)Core technology
electro-stimulation electroporation


Needle-free injection is high-effect, woundless and safe treatment, completely removes the traditional needle and microneedle injection. It takes electrophoresis, uses the electroporation and electroosmosis, by orientation, layer-oriented, ration to supply nutrition to the deep-seated cells, assist to melody the muscale, lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, so as to decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep mosture, improve cellulite, quicken fat dissolving and weight loss. Comparing it with the single skin care products, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times, thoroughly solve the problems of products only staying in the epidermis, can keep skin young for a certain term and shorten the period after treatemnt. Needle-free injection is truly the brightness of beauty equipments in 2008.

Work Theory:
It uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis techniques, (needle-free mesotherapy or mesoderm or cell rupture) technique, without any injectors, easily opens the aquaporin(AQP), transports skin wanted nutrition, so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. With the application of Electrophoresis energy to the beauty industry, It takes point to point infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, let it quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic and fine.

2)Main functions

1.facial lift:skin rejuvenation, fat removal
2.eyes beauty:eyes pouch removal, eyes dark circle removal, wrinkle around eyes removal

3.stimulate the formation of blood vessels, letahter, blood circulation to helpo take sugar and fat,

protein metabolism wastes

4.whitening and anti-wrinkles

5.take away the molecular structure of cells; skin completely open power operation

   in the skin surface infiltration head with a method of grain is slightly along the skin and

   smooth movement of extrusion

6.clean the skin,daub hydrating moist products frozen,effect on skin,lock misture  and nutrients

3)Main accessories
1pcs Cavitation&led light Improving handle for face
1pcs electroporation handle
1pcs frozen handle for face
1pcs electro-stimulation handle for eyes

cooling temperature:1-3 degrees centigrade above zero
warranty:1 year
output power:160w
power supply:220v/110v, 50hz/60hz
package size(cm):42*42*37

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