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Beranda » ALL PRODUK » RSP-B02 Hot & Cold Steamer With Two Tubes

RSP-B02 Hot & Cold Steamer With Two Tubes

Ditambahkan pada: 15 Juli 2017 / Kategori: ,
Kode : RSP-B02
Berat : 6700 gram
Stok : Pre Order
Dilihat : 62 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi RSP-B02 Hot & Cold Steamer With Two Tubes

RSP-B02 Hot & Cold Steamer With Two Tubes

Cold&Hot Facial Steamer Beauty Equipment


1. Facial steamer delivers “Ordinary steam” & ” Ionized steam”.

2. Stimulates blood circulation

3. Moisturizes & rejuvenates skin

4. Reduces oily skin, making skin tender & smooth

5. A water indicator to show the water level

6. Water tank capacity: 70ml

7. Pilot light (Blue light = operating)  (Red light = need to add water)

8. Non-skid rubber pads

9. CE (LVD/EMC/EMF) certified

Benefits of Hot Steam:

Facial steamers are devices used in salons, spas and retreats to promote healthy skin. You can also purchase steamers to use at home. They are lightweight, portable and used for skin rejuvenation and relaxation. Facial steamers offer a multitude of skin benefits as well as health benefits, such as congestion and sinus relief.

Better Circulation

The heat that emanates from facial steamers helps increase your blood circulation. Steamers cause blood vessels to dilate, which brings more blood to the skin’s surface. Because blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, an increased blood flow to your facial skin promotes a soft, healthy glow.

Deep Cleansing

Facial steamers help get rid of impurities buried under the skin. When pores become filled with makeup and oil, they form pimples and blackheads. According to the Columbia University Medical Center Department of Dermatology, clogged pores is one of the main causes of acne. Facial steamers open pores, allowing skin to breathe and carry oil, dirt and other toxins to the surface where they can be washed away.

Acne Treatment


Size 76.5*18.7*42.2cm (1 pcs per package)
Weight N.W:5.7kgs G.W:6.7kgs
Color White

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